So a post on tumblr i made that had TRIGGER WARNING in it got retweeted

EDIT:  A post on STFUfauxminists prompted me to post this after 1000000years in my draft box

There prolly is going to be a Trigger warning needed on this….  this is gonna be a long rambling thing.  Im sick and just blathering on.

The twitter account was “TRIGGER WARNING”

Curiousity got the best of me and I did some digging and it was about that whole penny arcade “sixth slave” comic.  The PA guys handled it pretty badly.  Rape victims and feminists got upset.  The response were some death threats to the family of the PA guys and twitter accounts making light of or even outright disbelieving rape victims, saying things amounting to “no one would rape you, you are fat/ugly” etc etc etc.  Now the strip itself did not make me, a victim of rape, have flashbacks.  Some were offended and that is based on their own experiences and responses.  I have broken down during a stand up show when a comedian because of a rape joke, I can understand.   The response from the “geek/nerd” community is what is sad and very discouraging for me, I DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT THE STRIP or PA. Just the general response. But I did find a gem from someone.  

This guy does a marvoulous job vocalizing why it was an issue

Think about that for a moment. The very word is a symbol (and you know how I love symbols) for danger. And, because the trauma of rape changes the victim’s brain chemistry to respond to that particular symbol for danger, it is exhausting to live in a world where people feel free to bandy it about. Every time it is used outside the context of actually talking about rape, it’s like the boy crying wolf. Only the villagers aren’t able to ignore the cry and undergo extreme emotional duress each time they hear it.


Emphasis mine.  This is such a good analogy for why can be and is such a problem to live in a rape culture.  Every time I hear that word I do think of what happened.  And things still really really trigger me, luckily for me I am in PTSD therapy for it.  But i wanted to belong to the nerd community so bad, but I am not welcome.  I see so much misogyny and then this on top of it, I am done.  Flat out done with trying to deal with that subculture.  So what if i loved to play magic.  Getting treated like you are infantile when you are playing a match is not fun.  I feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.  Sorry Im out later.

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